Outsourced CFO Services

Our in-person and virtual CFO services provide actionable insight that promotes long term business growth for small-businesses.

Make Intentional Financial Decisions With our Outsourced CFO Services

Grow your company in a healthy way with data-driven financial strategies from our experienced outsourced CFOs.

Why work with us?

As your company grows, proactive financial management helps transform decision-making from reactionary to intentional.

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Our Outsourced CFO Services

What does an outsourced CFO do for your business?

An outsourced CFO will work at your location and provide a more traditional hands-on experience, interacting with your team members face-to-face. 

Our CFOs provide all the services of an in-house chief financial officer on a virtual basis for
small-businesses across the United States.

Our hybrid business model combines elements of our virtual and on-site outsourced CFO services for the best of both worlds.

Michigan CFO By the Numbers


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3.9 Years

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Grow Your Business in a Healthy Way With CFO Outsourcing

Get clarity for your numbers and make better financial decisions at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.

Extensive Industry Knowledge

Our outsourced CFOs have extensive experience working within various industries, including:

Our CFOs provide in-person and hybrid CFO services to
small-businesses in and around Detroit and southeast Michigan.

We also provide virtual CFO services for businesses across the United States.


Small-Business Focus

Michigan CFO Associates is a professional firm focused exclusively on providing financial leadership to small-businesses and entrepreneurs.

We generally work with businesses that generate between $1 million and $25 million in annual sales.

Our outsourced CFO services do not have a one-size-fits-all approach. We have a proven system of addressing the financial needs of small-businesses in a healthy, cost-effective way.

Case Study

Michigan CFO Associates Helps an Engineering Services Firm Get Back on Track

Learn how Michigan CFO helped an engineering company that had drawn significant concern from its bank, achieve record sales and profits.

Outsourced CFO Client Onboarding

Small-businesses can reap the benefits of hiring a full-time CFO at a fraction of the cost with our CFO outsourcing services.  Make intentional decisions with our CFO outsourced services. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Determining Compatibility

The first step of our CFO outsourcing services involves an introductory phone call, a self-assessment, and an extensive CFO gap analysis for a nominal fee.

Step 2: Working With Your Outsourced CFO

After you review our research and request a proposal, we will send you an Engagement Letter that outlines our focus areas. Once the letter has been executed, we will set a kickoff date and begin working with you.

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